history of DM


This is the first Blog i've ever written so it has to be amazing! A lot has happened in the history of the Daytime Moon four four account! We have gone through a couple lineup changes and vehicle breakdowns but we are still going strong! Daytime Moon has always been a beautiful project that makes soulful empowering music that you can dance to, and since 2011 we haven't really changed that much. 

My name is Torrance Brent Simpson II but everyone calls me Brent. In 2009 i started working on a solo project called "Brent Simpson and the Apocalypse" which eventually released an album that same year titled "great songs to die to". It encountered a small amount of success from the local indie and Hardcore scenes eventhough the entire album was produced and mastered by myself and I played every instrument as well. Constant support from friends like Malcolm Williams (Family Thief, I Am Jack's) who i had previously done an acoustic West Coast tour in support of and Michael Mandarino ( Custody, Sal Buys a Megaphone) and also my older brother/bandmate Brandon Simpson (Spankshaft) pushed me to believe that the songs i had written would come to life if I had a band. So, i started jamming with a few pals. Drummer Kyle Hanson(The Autumn Drive, Ahead Change,3rd Ear Experience, Zuulluu!) was still around since we had played in a few bands together in High School and we eventually recruited bassist Spencer keizer and lead guitarist Nate Travitzky. We began writing songs and adding harmonies and accompaniment to different songs that myself or Nate had written. We recorded an EP titled " The Reasons you can't have nice things" with No Lag! Records. We almost immediately began creating a buzz in the local music scene and a summer tour was definitely going to happen. We toured that year for 3 months up the california coast in a 1974 Dodge Winnebago. It was amazing! I had never felt so alive and free all at the same time! unfortunately, we ran into mechanical troubles with the old tour van and we all eventually had to find our own way back home to the desert. Several songs were defintely inspired by these hard times. We all made it back from tour in one piece without the van and without any money to show for the summer. Fingers began to be pointed at one another for who was to blame for it all and after a while we all disbanded and I was left playing the songs i had written solo. 

The next year, Kyle hanson and I began working on a new album with my new bassist/roommate at the time Nick Burkkett (Nice Skies, Edible Chandeliers) and also Jeremy Burr on Djembe and congas. Mixed and Mastered by my good friend and producer Bob-O Hamilton(Louie and the Others, Poolshark) this time we were going to have a different approach and use more of an electronic feel to tell our story. This Album was titled "LUXURY EP" and had very little financial success since it was given away for basically free.We performed at a few venues in Southern California, including the House of Blues! It was very much liked by the dubstep and dance house kids since there was no actual drumkit played on the album. "when We Woe" the first song on the album and also "One-Upper", the 4th song on the album went on to have Music Videos released for them. After the album was released, Daytime Moon disbanded once again. Jeremy left to hitchhike across the country by himself,Kyle wanted to play with Zuulluu and truly find himself spiritually and Nick was accepted to Berkeley in Northern California and would be leaving indefintely. I was once again left alone to play my songs without a band.

in 2013 I was playing music as much as i possibly could on my own, and working on video projects with a few of my friends. I had fallen into work at a concrete plant in Joshua tree so the days were long and the nights were spent being exhausted and sleeping like a corpse alone at home but at least the money was good? On one of these random work days, my car overheated coming into joshua Tree so i had to pull over. I saw my friend Joseph gonzales, who had actually just moved back from living with my younger brother travis in las Vegas, and was looking for work and a band to jam with. We immediately started making music together because I was a fan of his and he was a fan of mine and there was a lot of mutual respect, not to mention he was already like family since him and my brother were already BFFs. We started practicing and playing a few shows here and there with my brother Brandon playing bass guitar when we need him to. Jo wasn't 21 yet so it was difficult to get paying gigs since most of them were at bars. We decided we needed a bassist and found one in Malachai Rosmino. The Trio was complete and we were unstoppable now. We recorded "New Photographs of a Past Life" in my bedroom one December and released it ourselves. NPOAPL has reached more listeners than any of the other albums because of our DIY techniques and our low cost for production since we make them by hand. With that relase, we created a huge splash in the Rock Music Scene, performing at bigger venues like The World Famous Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles and The Epicentre in San Diego. We could tell that we were on our way to success by the amount of shows we were getting offered and by the increase in attendance level. We are so lucky to have fans like you!

We finsihed recording "VALLEYS & Springs" in 2016 and began doing shows supporting it. Things got a little too weird when Malachai began missing rehearsals, and Jo began losing interest in music. It's very hard to keep the passion alive for some people. I was forced to look for another new lineup to back up Daytime Moon, even though Valleys & Springs had been on itunes and spotify and all that for a while. It was time for a change. My good friend Steven Kong(soundslikesound) began filling in on bass in 2017 and became a permanent member soon after. We had yet to find a permanent drummer, but my brother Brandon (spankshaft) had filled in for a couple shows and we began writing new music with him. The process is beginning again. Wish us luck!




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